How it works:

  • We procure your products from your current or new supplier
  • We will order, ship, customs clear and land your products in SA
  • We warehouse your inventory and release locally to your site as required
  • Our systems allow electronic ordering and release of required inventory

What is the value proposition for my business?

  • Procurement is moved from international to local
  • No shipment, insurance and forex risk – BCE Global is the buyer
  • Reduced inventory holding – BCE Global will warehouse and deliver your inventory
  • More efficient, lower cost and zero complexity
  • Once the set-up is complete – it takes only one local call to order and receive inventory
  • BCE Global is a level 2 BBBEE supplier – Receive procurement points to boost your rating while receiving outstanding service and value

By managing the complete procurement and logistic process, our in-house specialists are able to offer a one stop solution with no additional service providers. This creates the value and competitive pricing we offer.