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Recent blog posts

If your business deals with the distribution of products, either locally or globally, you will need the professional services of an air, sea and road freight company. Getting your products from A to B is vitally important, but it must be done right. Timeliness, convenience and affordability are possibly the three most important considerations. To cut back on costs, many companies start out trying to handle their own freight movements or they hire the wrong service providers simply to save money. If you are considering handling your distribution in-house, keep in mind just how time-consuming and complicated it can be. It can also be a costly endeavour if you do not have the network and contacts in place that leading freight companies do. In short, a professional freight company will save you time and money and provide you with much-needed peace of mind. This is what makes choosing the right freight company to assist you is so important.

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Freight forwarding companies in South Africa serve an important function and without them, many companies would suffer and cease to operate profitably. The right freight forwarding company will save you time, money and stress. If your business relies on a professional freight forwarding company to remain productive and profitable, then you will know the importance of selecting the right company to work with. Your freight forwarder is not just a service provider, they are in fact just as important as any business partner and so choosing one should be done with the same care that you would apply to choose your business partner. Do not hesitate to compare the type of service and prices that service providers have to offer and make a decision that is best suited to the needs, demands and requirements of your business.

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In the freight industry, there are various modes of transport to choose from and each has its own set of benefits. Airfreight services are most commonly used for low-volume shipments that are of high value. This is not the only reason why airfreight is such a popular option though; there are various other reasons too. If you are not quite sure if an airfreight service are the right option for getting your shipment from A to B, here are a few of the many benefits for you to consider:

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It is an undeniable fact that South Africa has a rather sophisticated logistics industry and that freight companies operating successfully in the local industry make use of world-class strategies and technology in the field. Many people overlook the fact that it is the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of freight companies in the industry that affects just how competitive South Africa’s industries can be on a global scale.

The freight industry is faced with a number of obstacles and these are not unique to the South African environment, but present on a global basis. Competition over the years has been rife as a result of rising costs in the industry, tighter margins, and demands for improved efficiency. If you are in the import and/or export business, chances are that you need to move goods long distances and need to find ways in which to cut back on expenses without compromising on swift delivery and a hassle-free freight process. There are so many things that you have to take into consideration when moving goods locally or internationally. First and foremost, you will need to make sure that you are aware of the regulations and restrictions involved when it comes to moving the type of goods that you are moving. It is also important that you are aware of the applicable taxes, customs processes, and whether or not your chosen freight company has the expertise to deal with the type of product that you are shipping.

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If you have ever had a consignment delayed at customs for any length of time, you will know just how infuriating the process can be. It is not just about inefficiency; it can be about disappointing your waiting customers too. Waiting for days or even weeks, on occasion, can seriously delay your plans and even have a detrimental effect on your profits. We urge all of our customers to make use of our customs agents to reduce the stress and frustration involved in the process. Customs regulations and the paperwork in involved can leave a great deal of room for errors and confusion, as well as potential delays and fines. As a leading customs brokerage and freight company, we have complete confidence that we can help you to grow your business both locally and internationally by assisting with efficient, prompt, and hassle-free shipping of your goods.

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Why You Should Partner with a Professional Air Freight Handling Company for Your Shipping Needs


If you are in the business of importing, exporting or distributing your products, you are undoubtedly always looking for great transport options and rates. If you have not yet considered air freight, now is certainly the time and by partnering with the right air freight handling team, you can reduce your costs and reap the many rewards of a professional service. What are those rewards? There are many, so keep reading!

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We are dedicated to providing our customers with fast, efficient and reliable global freight forwarding solutions and services. We provide our services for air, sea and road freight and with access to our extensive network of agents, we are able to offer the type of quick and professional service that the BCE Global brand has become synonymous with. We treat each and every shipment as our most important one, offering a quick turnaround time and partnering with some of the world’s most trusted service providers, which means that we can service many destinations with speed and efficiency.

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Work with a Leading Logistics Company in South Africa for Fast, Efficient Freight Services


Are you involved in the importing and exporting of goods? Do you need to get a consignment from A to B safely and on time? If you are looking for a logistics company in South Africa that is able to cater to all of your road, sea and airfreight needs, BCE Global should be at the top of your list of options. While there is certainly no shortage of logistics companies in South Africa, you will need to be careful to select a company that is willing to partner with you in order to provide you a custom-designed and specially tailored service – and that is exactly what we offer at BCE Global.

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Transporting goods from one place to another by one method or multiple methods of transport is referred to as “freight forwarding”. Freight forwarding can also refer to a variety of transport methods including air freight, road freight, sea freight or railway freight. In some instances you might be lucky enough to get your consignment from A to B with just one mode of transport. In other instances you may need to use a combination of freight services to get your goods to where they need to be, which can take quite a lot of co-ordination and planning, especially if you need to transport your goods overseas.


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Whether you are importing, exporting or just trying to distribute your products more effectively and affordably, what we have to offer at BCE Global is bound to save you on costs and give you total peace of mind. We bring to the table a variety of freight options, including that of air freight. Air freight is undoubtedly a popular transport option for commercial businesses, private individuals, as well as importers and exporters.


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If you are involved in importing and exporting, or need to regularly move a consignment, whether locally or internationally, you can benefit from the services of a freight forwarder. It goes without saying that freight forwarding solutions in South Africa can be costly if you don’t partner with the right service provider. If you are looking for a freight forwarding solution, you have come to the right place. At BCE Global, we provide a worldwide service and have a network of agents in over 100 destinations to ensure safe delivery of your goods.


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Professional freight forwarders are responsible for overseeing the safe and secure movement of cargo on behalf of importers and exporters, worldwide. Freight forwarding companies must also manage and oversee the packing of goods, documentation and customs clearance of the goods being moved. If you import and export goods on a regular basis, you will need a professional freight forwarder on your side. Below are a few of the benefits of hiring freight forwarding professionals:


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What is freight forwarding and how do you go about ensuring that you have access to the best service in the industry? Is that even possible? Yes, it is! By definition, freight forwarding is the effective shipment of goods from one destination to another via single or multiple carriers. These goods can be shipped via sea, air, rail or road. The freight forwarding company that you choose to work with will have a direct bearing on how quickly your consignments get from A to B.


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Freight handling is the task of ensuring that goods and consignments get from A to B in good time and in good order. Your chosen freight handling company will be able to offer various methods of transport, such as sea freight, air freight, road freight and rail freight. The type of freight handling service that you choose and, of course, where you are shipping items to and from, will determine the final cost of the service. If you are an importer or exporter, you will need to choose a reliable freight handling company to partner with. Having a reliable, knowledgeable and prompt logistics partner is what your business needs, if you want to ensure that you have the competitive edge and that you don’t let your customers down.


Choosing the right freight handling company is also not something that can be done on the spur of the moment. It is important to take some time to consider your options and choose a service provider that you can have a long-term relationship with. Choose a freight company that you can grow and develop with – more importantly; choose a freight company that will promote growth and development. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself (and potential handlers) before you can decide on which freight handling team is best suited to assisting you. Below are a few to consider:


  • How big is the freight handling company and how many service contracts do they have? If you are shipping globally, you need to know that the handling company has a reach that can benefit you. They must also have a network of service providers that suits your deliveries and schedules.

  • What is the nature of your product and does the handling company have any experience in dealing with it? If you have any specialised products or hazardous goods, it is essential that you only deal with freight companies that have knowledge of your product and know how to handle it correctly and safely. Always check the credentials and experience of your service provider.

  • What sort of document turnaround time does the freight handling company offer? Will you get your documentation on time and will the delivery of your goods also be prompt? You certainly don’t want to be kept waiting around while your freight handler tries to get the paperwork and administration side of things together.

  • Is the freight company financially stable? You might pay your freight handler for their service, but then find that your goods are on hold because the freight company has been unable to pay. This can cause serious delays in the collection of your consignment. It is best to work with strong and reputable companies in the industry. Do a little research into the viability of the freight company that you are interested in.

  • Is there any cargo insurance on offer? You need peace of mind that if something happens while your consignment is in the care of your freight handler, it will be compensated for. Make sure that your freight company offers you sufficient insurance options.

  • Does the freight handler offer the best rates for sea, air and road freight? Shop around for the best rates and investigate what sort of service is on offer. It’s pointless paying the cheapest possible rate for an inferior service. You will regret it when you’re experiencing the hassles often associated with freight and poor service.

  • What sort of communication does the freight handler offer? It is important to be kept up to date on the progress of your shipment. Daily updates on what is happening and what to expect is essential. Speak to your potential freight handler about their communication services and what you can expect in terms of updates or tracking of your goods.


At BCE Global, we offer professional freight handling services. We have experience in dealing with road freight, air freight and sea freight, and offer prompt and efficient services for each option. If you would like to learn more about our freight handling services, take the time to chat to one of our consultants. Drop us an email or give us a call at BCE Global for more information and advice today.



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Importers and exporters on a global scale make use of customs brokers to ease the load and simplify the process of shipping a consignment from one destination to another. Making use of a customs broker puts you in a good position to focus on the other core responsibilities of your business, but some thought must be put into which customs brokerage you use for your logistical needs.


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Getting a consignment from A to B is not as simple as one would think. In fact, the process can often get very confusing and if you don’t know exactly who to speak to or which documents are required; you could find yourself in a sticky situation. Late consignment deliveries and incorrect customs arrangements can result in disgruntled customers, and even a loss of income for your business. If you are operating globally, it is especially important that you take the time to seek out the services of professionals in the industry who have experience with global freight forwarding.


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If you are looking for professional, reliable and cost-effective global air freight forwarding services, you’ve come to the right place. At BCE Global, one of our specialised services is that of air freight forwarding. Making use of a professional freight forwarder will afford you much needed peace of mind. Knowing that your transport needs are being correctly and efficiently handled will certainly relieve you from a great deal of stress. Whether you are moving a once off shipment or need freight forwarding services on an ongoing basis, our team will be able to assist you professionally.


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With the global economy constantly changing along with international regulations, it’s best to make use of licensed and certified international customs brokers when importing and exporting shipments. Professional customs brokers are often recommended for companies, whether they have been importing/exporting for many years or if they are just entering the market. A professional customs broker is tasked with facilitating the import or export of goods internationally. They ensure that all international customs are adhered to along with any potentially complicated procedures along the way. There is a great deal of paperwork that needs to be handled and made available when importing and exporting goods. Generally speaking, the international customs broker will ensure that all communications and dealings between importers/exporters and the authorities are correctly handled.

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Global Road Freight Forwarding Services – Both FTL and LTL Load Options Available


At BCE Global, we make it our duty to offer our clients a professional road freight forwarding solution. We will tailor-make a solution to suit your needs, requirements and available budget. After all, we know just how important it is for you and your business to have your goods delivered on time and in good order, every time.


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Global Sea Freight Forwarding – FCL and LCL Options Available at BCE Global


If you are looking to get a consignment from A to B without racking up too many costs or excess hassle, sea freight forwarding could very well be just the solution for you. Global sea freight forwarding is one of the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective ways of transferring medium to large consignments. If you’re interested in using sea freight forwarding on an international basis, it’s best to seek out the services of a forwarding company that has experience with both inbound and outbound forwarding.


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